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  • We want to put a form on SharePoint for people to fill out. They fill it out, and it goes to their supervisor. They either approve or disapprove. If it's approved, it goes next to their supervisor.

    I know that these levels of approval can be done. My concern is the number of people filling out the form with different supervisors and VP's. Do i have to create invididual work flows for each person? Is this one in a single library? It's multiple long chains of approval.

    Thank you!

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  • Hi Puma_Romas,


    It seems that you wanted to create a sequential approval workflow. After people filled out the form, data would be sent  to their own supervisors (i.e. manager) to approve it. If it was approved, it would be sent to higher supervisors (i.e. VP) to approve, etc.


    You can design a sequential workflow with Visual Studio as follow.

    1.       Create Initial workflow form and filled out the form.

    2.       Assigned a Task1 to supervisor (i.e. manager).

    a.       In this step, workflow instance can get the AuthorUser who creates the workflow,


    b.      Get AuthorUser’s manager in property from Active Director,

    http://www.codeproject.com/KB/system/getuserfrmactdircsharp.aspx .

    c.       Then the manager will finish Task1.

    3.       When Task1 is approved, then assign Task2 to higher supervisors (i.e. VP), the same way to get the manager’s supervisors (VP), and let the VP finish the Task2.

    4.       When Task2 is approved, then assign Task3, Task4,….. to the level required.


    If you want to roll up (re-do the approval process) when the form is reject you need to use state machine workflow, there is a long article,



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    Tuesday, May 24, 2011 7:48 AM