Performance problem in downloading image using remoting RRS feed

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  • We have a web application running on our local server which reaches out to a local windows service to fetch a image file(JPEG). This windows service will intern uses Remoting to contact a server in other datacenter and fetches the images(Average Image size is 100 KB).

    This fetching of images takes lot of time, though customer has setup a private VPN over WAN, so we can access the remote server serving the images by its IP and also can use remoting.

    Is there any alternative better solution to this approach so that we can fetch images at faster speed from remote server to local server before rendering it on website "at the same bandwidth between local to remote server".

    Should we use any alternative technology of remoting like WCF(though i am not sure that it is not going to increase performance much). I am not sure but can we use streaming or chunking in this as an alternative.

    Do we have some buffer size or buffering parameters which can be set in remoting which can increase performance here.

    Somebody gave me idea of converting image to binary before sending from server side and converting it back to image at client side.Is it some viable solution and can it be implemented in remoting.

    Kindly help


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  • You should try binary WCF.

    WCF is better in every way I can think of than remoting and binary is faster. 

    Wednesday, September 22, 2010 7:29 AM