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    I recently completed the initial blogging about my architecture framework (SAF) - which I believe can be of interest for this forum


    here is a quote from my site :


    What is SAF?

    There is very little guidance on how one can go about designing/developing an architecture for a software project. The SPAMMED architecture framework (SAF) aims  to help fill this gap. 


    SAF  is a set of activities that an architect can follow when she sets out to design an architecture. These activities helps the architect to keep abreast of the project's needs and the drivers that affect the architecture.


    Overview posts:

    Getting SPAMMED for architecture

    SPAMMED State chart



    SAF Activities

    The Activities of SAF include

    • Stakeholders -identify the stakeholders   - Anyone with vested interest in the project (end users, clients, project manager, developers etc.) These are the people you will have to explain you architecture to. These are the people that have concerns that the architecture will have to satisfy (or most likely balance). Thus, the fist step is to identify and rank them.
    • Principles – list Principles, Goals and Constrains. These are the properties you wish your architecture to have (or lack) based on your previous experience. Constrains can also come from your stakeholders (e.g. management decided that all project should be .NET, a deadline etc.)


    Feedback & Future

    I would be very interested to hear any feedback on SAF - you can send


    feedback to or just leave a comment


    On the next SAF posts I am going to talk about SAF alignment with development methodologies (RUP, MSF 4, SCRUM etc.) as well as strategies for following or acting upon the activities.




    Wednesday, February 22, 2006 11:27 PM