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  • hello again!! with the new sdk there is a sample for having a 3dpoint cloud!! that's amazing, finally I can do it.. but I'd like also to understand the code, i'm not a c++ expert, but it's not so simple to understand and friendly user.. maybe in c# could be easier but there is not sample for that. what do you think about it?? someone has some similar simple code??or can give me soem advices?? it's just to understand better what's going on.... 
    Thursday, July 5, 2012 10:53 AM

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  • I would give you the web address of reconstructme which is and their software uses the kinect sdk to scan people or objects and create 3d models of them. Im assuming thats why you want the point cloud? or for gesture recogition? Those are the two main things point clouds with kinect are used for from reading forum posts. Please explain what your trying to do so  I or someone else can help.

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