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  • Hello Everyone,

    I've been developing a game that is using Silverlight 4, and the XNA framework, through the use of "Silversprite." This game is heavily based on using media, sound as sounds, images, and animations. Probably in total, I have around 2000 files I'm using as content.

    So.....you can probably imagine that downloading my XAP file takes a really long time. Like....almost 2 minutes :P Currently the game is hosted within my website and users simply click the game to start playing it. As an extra feature, I'd like to use "Out-of-Broswer" support, with the ability to write to Isolated Storage.

    And finally, I'd like to download and upload the player's save file to the site. It is in XML format.

    I've read about caching the project file to the client's computer, using Webclient to do asynchronous downloads, the Background worker class to also download media.....but I'm REALLY not sure what the best solution is. OR how to implement it with my current code.

    I need to make the download time MUCH faster.

    Does anyone have advice on the BEST way I can cut my download times AND provide me with a link / resource so I can implement it properly?

    And secondly as a bonus, what is the best method to download/upload XML files to the game?

    Tuesday, May 18, 2010 10:30 AM