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Pinch Zoom and pan RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    i've a wide canvas (maybe 5 o 6 time wider and higher than the phone screen) and and i've to manege pan and pinch zoom. here is my xaml:

                    <Canvas x:Name="MapCanvas" Style="{StaticResource MapCanvasStyle}">
                                <ScaleTransform  />
                                <TranslateTransform />

    As you can see i have a TransformGroup instead of a CompositeTransform due to some pan problems occuring when i start a manipulation and zoom isn't .

    Mi code behind is:

                TransformGroup Transform = (TransformGroup)(OperatingCanvas.RenderTransform);
                ScaleTransform ScaleT = Transform.Children[0] as ScaleTransform;
                TranslateTransform TranslationT = Transform.Children[1] as TranslateTransform;
                if (Scale != 1)
                    double oldS = ScaleT.ScaleX;
                    ScaleT.CenterX = (From.X + TranslateX) * oldS; //This line
                    ScaleT.CenterY = (From.Y + TranslateX) * oldS;
                    ScaleT.ScaleX *= Scale;
                    ScaleT.ScaleY *= Scale;
                TranslationT.X += TranslateX;
                TranslationT.Y += TranslateY;

    everything seems to work well if i try to pinch zoom from a point near to the origin (the canvas is scaled with the correct center and in the correct direction). But, when i  fire the event from a point far from the origin, the zoom is applied using a wrong center and a wrong direction (both enlargementsandreductionsseem to have the point (0,0)as origin).

    I worked to this problem for days, and i'm pretty sure there is a logic problem in ScaleCenter setting. Can you help me?

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    Monday, March 23, 2015 12:28 AM

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  • Hi Cristiano,

    Could you share communities a minimum repro for the issue which could be easier for us to know the issue.

    I will move to Windows Phone forum for a better support :)


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    Monday, March 23, 2015 5:58 AM