Visual Studio Community Edition 2013 vs Visual Studio Ultimate Edition 2013


  • I have C# Framework that was developed in Visual Studio Ultimate 2013, since the trial version got over, I have installed Visual Studio Community Edition 2013.

    Framework was running fine in Visual Studio Ultimate 2013, but when I run the same C# Framework in Visual Studio Community Edition 2013, I am getting incorrect output.

    I want to know that, is there any dependency on the Visual Studio Version due to which my framework is not running fine. If, YES then how to resolve this dependency.
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  • Hi Manish_C,

    The official site has removed the VS2013 products' version compare results, it has updated to the VS2015 version:

    But it was similar to the above contents, Visual Studio Community 2013 includes all the great functionality of Visual Studio Professional 2013, designed and optimized for individual developers, students, open source contributors, and small teams and it has some limits on who can use it.

    Of course, not all features in VS2013 ultimate version, for example:

    Only available in Ultimate 2013:
    • .NET Memory Dump Analysis
    • Web Load & Performance Testing
    • Cloud-based Web Load and Performance Testing

    For your issue, sorry for that I'm not very sure that what your real C# Project is, but if you use the community version, I suggest you take a backup for your project, and then collect the detailed error or warning messages in your side. Maybe it is not the compatibility issue, for example, the VS settings or the code lines or others during project update.

    >>I am getting incorrect output.

    For this issue, please share us the detailed information about it, please also visit the output or error list window to get more information, or you could debug your app if no compiled error.

    Best Regards,


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