how to prevent a program from loading wvwery time a computer boots RRS feed

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  • Recently i had this trouble where memeory was being dumped every time the computer booted.
    on checking i realized an exe dump(0-k) being executed every time the computer booted after which obviously the memory got dumped onto the screen following which the computer reboots.
    on checking msconfig the exe had created a slot for itself to run during startup.to prevent this process from running again i disable it in msconfig and i also deleted the key from the registry for msconfig\startup.inspite of doing all this every time the system boots dump.exe gets executed although i had deleted it and a slot for it would be created in msconfig and it would be enabled.actually i could have uninstalled it if was a program but its a system program which is present in system32.

    1.)Now is there any i can edit the windows registry such that i can disable a process or an exe from executing at strartup or any other time we try to run it

    Thursday, November 2, 2006 5:03 PM