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  • Hey gang,

    problem is as follows.

    I created a Workflow in SPD 2007 with one of the steps being "Collect Data from user".

    The Workflow creates the tasks and i see my custom form.

    After hitting the "Complete Task" button I get referred to the Task List BUT

    the status of the Task is not updated, which in return causes the Workflow to just hang around xD


    I have tried a lot of things, used a new Task List, created new Workflow, tried to update the status field with a second workflow (returns error - Listelement could not be updated unknown error)....

    I forgot, when I hit the Complete Task button again it tells me that another Workflow is already working with it, so I figure it has to change something the first time right?

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  • Hi,


    I'm not quite clear about how your workflow works. Please explain a bit more on your workflow. How does the status be updated? Are you using "update list item"? You should make sure the user have enough permissions cause a workflow designed in Office SharePoint Designer 2007 always runs with the permissions of the person who starts the workflow.

    Here is an article about how to troubleshoot workflow errors,


    Hope this helps.


    Pengyu Zhao

    Thursday, August 11, 2011 7:36 AM
  • Hey and thanks for the help,

    I was not able to find my error in the link you posted.


    The thing is that i do not want to update the listelement with a second workflow since my understanding of the function "Collect data from user" suggests that it

    automatically resumes the workflow once the user completed the task - is this not so?


    I did some more testing and figured out that i can update the status of the task if i do not hit the "Complete task button", but even then the first workflow does not resume...




    Thursday, August 11, 2011 8:53 AM
  • Hi,

    This could be done in one workflow. Using "collect data from user" could help us make further decisions.  If user have completed the task, the data comes from user would be stored in a varible. We could make furture decisions base on it. You can do this with the  steps mentioned in the following article.


    Hope this helps.


    Pengyu Zhao


    Thursday, August 11, 2011 9:35 AM
  • Hey :)

    Ok so I understood correctly, now I have tried this tutorial before and to clarify my Problem is "Step2: Set a workflow variable".

    The screenshot there shows the task display form after a user completes the task. In case of the screenshot the status says "Completed" where my task has the same status as before completing it (Status: "not begun").


    To be sure I created a new workflow today with 3 steps:

    1. Log message to workflowhistory.  ("Workflow started")

    2. Collect data from user. (The form has 2 fields one is a choice with dropdown the other is a multiline textfield; the User is me [which is way i do not believe there is a problem with permissions since I have full rights for every list and library]; the variable is named "ID Prüfen").

    -> This step sould now create a new task assigned to me and wait for it to be completed (so far so good), after I complete the task (Got to edit task -> complete task) the workflow should continue with step 3.

    3. Log message to workflowhistory. ("Workflow completed")


    The workflow never logs the last message.


    This is the way it is supposed to work right?

    Thursday, August 11, 2011 10:11 AM