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    I have taken over supporting some intranet websites that are available to internal users for our company.  The 2 servers that these applications are hosted on are supposed identically configured Windows 2012 R2 using IIS version 8.5. It is apparent from the both logs and the behaviors of hosted applications that these servers are not configured the same.

    I have compared the applicationHost.config files from the two servers and I am not seeing anything that is different between these files that explains the differences in behavior that I am seeing.  I am hoping that if I describe the 2 behaviors someone can point me in the area to look at.

    The first behavior that I am standardize is for an old ASP classic website that should have been removed back in 2012, before it was migrated from a windows 2003 server and was not.  We still have users that are accessing this up to present date. So that we can clean-up this application and not have it break processes that are still being used, we would like to make sure we are identifying all of the people still using this website.  On one of the 2 servers in the IIS logs we are always getting a value in the cs-username field for users of this website.  On the other server we are getting the value for the cs-username for this application only on occasion, not all the time.

    Since these servers host ASP.NET applications and the above behavior is not happening with these I don't think it is a server level setting that is saying don't log the value of the cs-username field. Any help in finding where to look would be appreciated.

    The second behavior which is actually more urgent to fix is that on the server that is not always including the cs-username in the log files, we are having ASP.NET applications have both slow connections and even lost connections to the SQL Server Database it is using.  The other server is not having any problems in connecting to the same database. The 2 servers are involved are virtual machines hosted in VMware in the same data center. There is a single database that both servers use. I have run tracert from each of the servers to the database server and there is no difference.

    The ASP.NET application is is a connection string and there is not a DSN that is involved on either server. Any help on this would also be useful.

    I am sorry if this is the wrong forum and if my post is too long

    Eric Lommatsch 

    Wednesday, October 17, 2018 9:55 PM

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