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  • The Dvorak layout has been an option for some time--now the Colemak layout is popular, and perhaps others.  IN PARTICULAR, students will increasingly be tested, connecting to servers via Common-Core Secure Browsers.  It makes sense for students to escape QWERTY -- it has imposed efficiency and injury costs, allegedly, for far longer than justifiable in any way!  In such testing situations, and school computer-lab circumstances in general, the ONLY practical way to widen the options for keyboard input is to allow simple Dvorak-like choices for established layouts, and provide a utility for school-teacher-level insertion of custom layouts (as for a student with a particular disability).  Keyboard-evaluation software now makes trivial the kind of evaluation (even for individual cases) that took Dvorak years of work.

    This kind of progress will continue -- setting up the OS to accept it has to be a very, very low-cost task in comparison to many others an OS enterprise needs to routinely and steadily perform.

    Sorry, I don't know if this is the correct place for such a post, but for an outside layperson to FIND the best place is a difficult task given the extreme compartmentalization of modern large corporations, and the degree to which most of the people working in such haven't a clue as to how to navigate the maze for any "out of the typical" subject.

    Wednesday, July 23, 2014 1:31 AM


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