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    Dear All,

    I am designing new architecture for ERP Web Application. Application need to scale 20% every Year. Concurrent user is 500 and would increase to 10000 over the period. so application need to scale accordingly.

    WIth my knowledge, I prefer MVC, JQuery Ajax, Web API / WCF RESTFULL service, etc.

    I am good at N tier with aspx web form but prefer MVC,

    My assumption is MVC is good for Web Site. can MVC be used for Web Application  (Insurance and Financial Service Domain) which has approximately 1000 screen and divided to many modules.

    Requesting your valuable suggestion / guidance to meet the objective.


    We want to build the new architecture that cater the following requirement

    1. Scalability.
    2. Performance.
    3. Reduce Testing and Maintenance effort by proper design.
    4. Automation on Code generation for UI, Model, etc..
    5. Automation on Testing UI, Business Scenario.
    6. Reduce application maintenance cost

    User Interface Layer

    1. It should avoid unnecessary post back.
    2. It should be as much as possible thin to render the UI fast.
    3. It should be browser compatible.
    4. It should have aesthetic look.
    5. It requires multilingual support.
    6. It would be accessed by many clients.
    7. It should be testable by tool to reduce test effort.
    8. It should be loosely coupled with Business Layer.

    Business Layer

    1. For scalability, it should be deployable in different system from webserver.
    2. It should use appropriate design pattern to reduce maintenance effort and test effort.
    3. It should be testable by tool.
    4. It should be loosely coupled with user interface.

    Data layer

    1. It should fetch the data as quickly as possible.
    2. It should not consume more memory.
    3. Choose the best one from Enterprise Library/ Entity Framework / LINQ /OWN DAL/ etc.
    4. Loosely coupled with database.

    Thanks and Regards


    Monday, March 10, 2014 2:22 AM