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  • i have 3 forms,
    form 1 is ware it asks Trial Version Or Regsiter theres 2 buttons that say thoes two things,
    form 2 the application
    and 3 were you enter the serial
    no how i want this to work is if they hit Trial Version then it goes to form 2 and starts a 30 min timer, when the timer runs out of time then a message pops up saying Trial Time Expired Time To Register, and if they close the prog before the timer runs out it saves how long they used it and when the start it again it adds to the timer how much they used up eg,
    they use 10 mins then close, they open it they only have 20 mins left,
    the message will have 2 buttons saying ok and cancle if they hit ok then form 3 appears and then they put in the serial that i give them, and then it adds unhides a button in form 1 that says ive already activated! and it goes to form 2 without the timer starting,
    Sunday, August 19, 2007 11:52 PM


  • use Project | Properties| Settings    (My.Settings)

    In settings, Create a userscope boolean called FirstTime and set it to True

    On program activation in the form load event:


    If My.Settings.Firsttime then

         My.Settings.Firsttime =false

         My.Settings.Save = true




    'The rest of your famous code goes here.............
    Monday, August 20, 2007 12:19 AM