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  • It is possible that you may see the error “Failed to configure virtual machine <machine name>.” or “Failed to create virtual machine <machine name>.” in several cases when you attempt to use the new A6 or A7 VM size. The three scenarios where this can occur are:

    1. Resize of an existing VM that is of any size other than A6 or A7
    2. Creation of a new VM of size A6 or A7 in a virtual network created before 4/16/2013
    3. Adding the new A6 or A7 VM to an existing cloud service

    The method to work around the problem will depend on the specific scenario:

    1. Resize VM to A6/A7 failure: Delete the existing VM but keep the disks. Then redeploy a new VM of size A6 or A7 using the previous OS disk and any disks from the original VM. If other VMs are deployed in the same cloud service as the VM to be resized, those VMs will also need to be deleted and then redeploy the new VM as a larger size as the first VM for the new Cloud Service.
    2. Add A6/A7 VM in existing virtual network failure: Create a new virtual network, and then deploy the A6/A7 VM to this virtual network. All virtual networks created after 4/15/2013 will support A6/A7 if the region supports high memory VMs, which all Virtual Machine regions do.
    3. Add A6/A7 to existing cloud service: Delete the existing cloud service along with any VMs in the cloud service, then deploy the A6/A7 into a newly created cloud service. Finally recreate any original VMs in the cloud service by using the OS disk and any data disks to create new VMs in the newly deployed cloud service.

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    Tuesday, April 16, 2013 1:36 PM

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  • You are kidding right? We have 50 Virtual Machines with a complex setup. This would take hours to do, what happens when you add bigger machines next time and we want to use them? There should be a way to do this without having to do the above steps.


    Sunday, September 29, 2013 12:35 AM