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  • I've set up a VM to day (Win 2008 R2 + SQL Server 2012 RC). Connected through RDP and installed IIS and deployed my test app (asp.net using the SQL Server). All worked as expected. Set up endpoint for http. Web app works as expected.

    I initially set up a Large instance. Thought I'd test switching between sizes, so I went into the Win Azure control portal, selected the VM, went to configure and selected Extra Large, then saved.

    Ever since the status of the VM has been Starting (Provisioning). I cannot connect through RDP, neither through http (to reach the web app). In Usage overview in Dashboard you see that the VM went dead, and there is no more stats after this point. It's now gone 4-5 hours, and status is still Starting (Provisioning). I've tried to logout and in. Same result.

    The icons for restart and shutdown are disabled. Only enabled are Connect and Delete. Connect does not work. I can go to configure, but cannot change anything there anymore. Save is disabled. So basically I have no options whatsoever! Only I can think of is deleting the VM, and trying to get the VHD connected to another instance. But seriously, that doesn't sound good to me. In a production environment I'd hate to do that. We seriously need a reset button here that actually works no matter what!

    What do I do?

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  • Hey Pieman74,

    It sounds like your virtual machine went back through provisioning instead of just rebooting with the larger size, given it shows the instance as provisioning and you cannot connect through RDP. This is definitely not expected.

    I think your idea of deleting the VM and recreate the VM with that same VHD and the new size is probably your best bet to get yourself unblocked. Today, that VM delete is effectively the "hard" reboot you are looking for but I agree that we need to have an easier button for this.

    In the meantime, we would really like to see your subscription and try to understand how this may have happened. If you would be ok to email IaaSForum@microsoft.com with your subscirptionID, this VM name, the disk name you are using and a link to this forum posting, that would be great.

    I outline some of the steps on how to do this recreate process here: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/WAVirtualMachinesforWindows/thread/cae5d9d5-65a3-41b7-83d6-3cc24c418c18


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