Just purchased Subscription update and Still it wants old CVV


  • I submitted a new card and payment information and I still cannot get past the CVV verifcation on the Windows Dev Center.  I submitted my first app.  I got everything complete and was ready to setup a payout account and it won't go past the CVV.  I have the email stating my subscription was just renewed using the payment information.

    I called the number on and the first person transferred me, and the next one wanted to sell me some way to fix it.  I sent an email.

    How can I get past this CVV to finish this app submission.  Everything else is done.  It took the info for the new card, but won't let me setup payout account because the CVV is wrong.  The links provided on the other conversation thread on this go to a main page, and have no contact information for actual support.  Who can I speak to to resolve this matter?

    And, why is it verifying from the old card, when it just took the new one for billing and happily says "your subscription will renew", yet won't verify the very same ccv?

    Tuesday, March 4, 2014 7:37 AM