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  • Hello friends..

    I am working on a windows store app and this app would use the xml file for its datastore.

    I got no other way to make my datastore because i got to know that Windows store app

    development has no support for database.

    My question is that when i deploy my application then no users could access the xml datastore.

    however i know encryption could work but it would cause overhead for performance to decrypt it back again.

    So somehow i want to restrict the users to access the datastore of my app.

    I want to know how it is possible?

    If it is not then if there is any other way to make my database where i can store the app usable data?

    and if it is then how would i be able to access that data and what access restriction would be imposed on

    that datastore for users?

    Please suggest friends!!

    Sunday, April 20, 2014 7:19 PM


  • SQLite is the most commonly used local database for Windows Store apps.

    The only way to completely prevent a user from accessing your data is to keep the data off of the system: if your data is highly proprietary then keep it on your server and expose just the data needed via a web service. The app runs as the user. Any data the app can access must be accessible by the user.

    Beyond that you can obfuscate the data on the client, but you cannot prevent the user from reading it. Even encryption is just obfuscation here, since the app runs as the user and needs to be able to decrypt it to use it.


    Sunday, April 20, 2014 8:48 PM