"Access is denied" ReportViewer frame name colliding with another site's RRS feed

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  • I'm showing an RDLC in a ReportViewer. As one of its child controls, the ReportViewer automatically creates a frame with the name & id of "report".

    There is another site (not under my control) that opens a page using the javascript'','report');

    Whenever the report viewer is open, any attempts to use this other site (in another tab of the browser) fail with an "Access is Denied" javascript error.

    I assume this is because that site is trying to open a window with a name that is already in use on the ReportViewer page.

    My question is - how can I avoid this and allow the 2nd site to open a page even when someone is viewing a report in a ReportViewer control? I cannot find any place in the ReportViewer parameters where I can override this name to be something other than "report".

    Friday, November 20, 2009 10:09 PM