From Logic App to SQL DB We are able to fetch data , after fetching data i need want to send http post URL? RRS feed

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  •  From Logic App to SQL DB We are able to fetch data , after fetching data i need want to send http post URL? 

    can you please help me out?

    Wednesday, July 4, 2018 12:04 PM


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  • Hi Sayyad,

    you can use the HTTP shape and use the Pot method and pass it


    Wednesday, July 4, 2018 12:31 PM
  • when i am using above Http , i got error 


    Wednesday, July 4, 2018 12:43 PM
  • Then something is wrong with your URI or you are not able to connecting it. try hitting the API from POSTMAN etc and see whether you are able to hit it successfully or you are receiving the similar Error.


    Wednesday, July 4, 2018 12:48 PM
  • i already tested that url, its correct.

    Please see below logic app connection.

    Step1: Recurrence

    Step2:Sql-  Get rows

    Step3: Http Post


    content-type     application/json

    Wednesday, July 4, 2018 12:57 PM
  • Keep in mind, there's usually (always really) a lot more to do than just 'post to http'.

    It's quite unlikely the http endpoint just happens to understand the exact SQL output.

    Meaning, you need to translate from the SQL format to the format the service expects.  Then, you need to understand exactly how the service expects to be contacted and configure the connector to do exactly that.

    Wednesday, July 4, 2018 1:53 PM
  • Hi Sujit,

    Please you can help me on this.

    Thursday, July 5, 2018 5:16 AM
  • Hi,

    So when you send it from postman you are getting the Correct results? also try to manually send the same data which you are sending from SQL.

    Make sure you are heaving the same settings (Headers etc) in HTTP Action.


    Thursday, July 5, 2018 4:44 PM
  • Hi Sayyad abbas - any update on this? Were you able to locate a solution to this issue?
    Tuesday, July 17, 2018 4:32 AM
  • yes.

    it seems working fine.

    Tuesday, July 17, 2018 9:19 AM
  • Can you Mark the relevant Reply as answer and close this? or if you found anything which is not shared, Can you Please share it with us?


    Tuesday, July 17, 2018 10:55 AM
  • hi Sujith,

    I have developed  logic app as you mentioned above procedure, its working fine.

    Wednesday, August 29, 2018 11:44 AM