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  • I need to take the currently created html that is created from a aspx page and turn it into a word document or pdf for the current users convince.

    I have an online door builder. After they builder there doors they go to a second page that displays a dynamically created blueprint of the door they just built. I am offering the blueprint so that they can give this blueprint to there contractor  for framing purposes while there door is being made.

    I was thinking that i need to save the blueprint page to disk so that it can be rendered by some other program if the user elects to convert to word or pdf.

    In other words every time the user goes to the blueprint page from creating a new door they create a new html from, "that is the same one that was sent to there browser for viewing"

    Is there a com component for office or windows that will allow me to just render that saved html document?

    Obivisuly the html document that the user is currently looking at can not be rendered that is why with every reponse that same html is saved to disk and overwritten on subsequent post back.

    How can I render that html file on disk and save to pdf or word? Then send this new word or pdf back to the requesting client.?


    Tuesday, April 28, 2009 8:14 PM


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