Reactive Extensions 2.2?


  • So it looks like Reactive Extensions 2.2.2 was published on 12/6/2013. A few comments:

    - What is in this release?

    - Why are there no blog announcements or site updates talking about new releases? The last blog post talks about 2.1 and that was 10 months ago.

    - The "Project Information" link on NuGet is broken. It just links to a logo.

    - If MS has people still working on Rx, why do they do such a bad job of publicizing it? Trying to learn Rx is extremely difficult, as the web (and the MSDN site page!!) has a ton of outdated info.

    Rx team, you could have written the coolest library ever designed with a ton of awesome features, but if you don't take the time to write proper tutorials and keep your docs up to date it doesn't mean squat as no one will use the code.

    I've looked at Rx repeatedly over the years, but it seems like a liability using it as MS's continued development of it seems flaky and the documentation is very difficult to navigate.

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  • a lot of the conversation has moved to

    also a lot of the brain power behind Rx has left MS to form It's a bigger project now too as Rx has Java/Scala/JS/.NET flavours.

    But i agree with you and share your frustrations.

    Tuesday, December 10, 2013 10:49 PM