Multiple Kinect(over 4 kinect) causes Depth Data Splash(Accurate Degradation) RRS feed

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  • Hi, I'm using a RoomAliveToolkit. It's OK using 3 kinect and less. But when I use over 4 kinect, several kinect's depth data is splash so much! so I don't have enough accurate depth data. Have anyone know this problem? Thanks.
    Thursday, October 6, 2016 7:49 AM

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  • Not 100% sure but I think I read about sensor IRs interfering with each other. Could also be due to the positions of each other when you have 4+. Some are bound to overlap in terms of IR spatial coverage. So ,in theory, if there's interference in the IR beams, then the data each sensor gets back are messed up. And if IR stream is messed up, so is Depth stream and Skeleton Tracking since they both derive from IR data.
    Wednesday, October 19, 2016 8:40 AM