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  • Greetings All! I have searched all over the web for a solution to this and I guess I'm just missing something or doing something wrong. I have found a lot of responses to similar questions, but none seem to quite hit the nail on the head.

    I'm using VS2008 and I have created a simple Local Report that is embedded on a ASPX page in a ReportViewer object. The report is bound to a TableAdapter data source that pulls data from a SQL Server Stored Procedure with 1 Parameter (@LOGID).

    I have configured the Datasource in the the ReportViewer using the "ObjectDataSource->Configure Data Source" option to map the Stored Proceduer parameter @LOGID to a control on the ASPX page which I set programatically when the page loads.

    This works fine for the main report. The problem has come in since I embedded a Subreport object in the main report. The subreport is intended to show a list of items related to the record in the main report.

    The subreport is also based on a TableAdapter object (different one) which retrieves data from SQL via a Stored Procedure with 1 Parameter (@LOGID - same as the main report). However, in the Subreport control configuration, there is no way (that I can see) to map the Stored Procedure input parameter to any control or report parameter. I have read many posts which say "just map a parameter from the main report to the subreport paramter!" That's fine, and I can do that, but now how do I get the Subreport Parameter mapped to the input parameter for the SQL Stored Procedure. It doesn't seem to be automatic.

    I have also tried to reference the subreport in my ASPX code page to programatically set the parameter, but I have not been able to find the object reference to the parameter (so far).

    I created the subreport (seperate RDLC file) with a single table object. I added the Table Adapter object as a data source from "Report->Data Sources" where I selected the Table Adapter and clicked "Add to Report". Then, in "Properties" for the Table object in the report designer, I set the DataSetName to the Data Source I added to the report.

    Every time I compile and run the project, the main report queries and runs fine, but the SubReport keeps giving me "Error: Subreport could not be shown." in the window. I'm sure this is becuase the SQL Stored Procedure isn't getting the parameter value it needs.

    I am not using Crystal Reports. This is simply the basic ReportViewer and Subreport tools included in VS2008.
    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
    Thursday, January 27, 2011 3:21 PM

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  • Check out the samples in This is a VS2010 solution, but in principle you should be able to use the code there to do the same thing. There's a sample called "SupplyingData" that shows how to hook up drillthrough reports and subreports in code.
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    Friday, January 28, 2011 11:33 PM