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  • 1. What is polymorphisam

    2. Difference between Abstract Method and Interface

    3. Paging is possible in Repeater control ?

    4. Difference between QueryString and Server.Transfer

    5. I have one watertank in that, the levels are X,Y,Z respectively, If the level is Z defaultly motor will start and If the level is X defaultly motor will stopped, in that which method u will wright.

    6. what is parsing.

    7. Difference between Delegate and event.

    8. My site is running, in that time Web.Config file, i did some modification, the site is  still running ?

    9. If I open one url ( and in new tab i open, in that case  new session is created or page is navigated with in the same session

    10. Difference between co-variance and Contravariance

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