How to write and add plugins to CHome / Titanum Today plugin? RRS feed

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  • The question which is very basic along the Internet. MS gave us cool UI but without the instructions of how to add our own customized plugins. There are of course unclear instructions of how to modify CHome plugin in Smarphones (which is the original version of Titanum - what did You think? MS is a lazy ____ corporation and they did nothing new in WM 6.5 - just Ctr+C, Ctrl+V from WM 6.1 Smartphone edition) but none for PocketPC.

    It's just like giving somebody a pink cool car which You can't repaint to other color.
    I looked in new WM 6.5 SDK and MS guys were so lazy to write something that they only managed to add ONE API - GESTURES which, seems to be the only thing new in WM 6.5 for them. They didn't even bother to write a proper documentation for widgets, they just created a blog with a simple "Hello World" widget type thinking how cool they are to give that info to us - day to day programists!

    If someone knows something about adding customized xml / cpr files for Titanum plugins - write goddamnit!
    Moderator is strongly encouraged to send a note to whoever is responsible for this Titanum plugin, to move his sorry ____ and write a documentation for it, BEFORE WM 6.5 will be in OEMs shops! Moderator seem to be the only type of person who does something well in Microsoft Corporation!
    Thursday, June 4, 2009 5:02 PM