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  • Hello all,


    I’m currently developing a form with a comments system. I wanted to stop other users from amending or deleting other users comments unless they are Administrators to the form. I’ve managed to come up with a way of allowing Admins to amend or delete any comment but I can get the form to identify if the user is allowed to delete their own comments.


    I have a field that gets the current users login at start up and a field on each comment that stores the users’ username on the comment. How can I extract that data via the code behind to do a comparison?


    This is the code I've developed so far.


    Sub msoxd_my_repComments_OnBeforeChange(eventObj)		       
    		Dim currentUser
    		Dim commentAuthor
    		currentUser = "1"
    		commentAuthor = "2"
    		If xdocument.view.name <> "Admin View" then
    			If currentUser <> commentAuthor then
    				if eventObj.Operation = "Delete" then         
    					eventObj.ReturnStatus = false     
    					eventObj.ReturnMessage = "You cannot delete or edit comments. To get comments ammended please contact the RCR team."
    				end if 
    			End If
    		End If				
    End Sub


    Monday, May 23, 2011 9:24 AM

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  • Managed to get half of the solution with the code below which gets the current users username. just need to work out how to get the comment authors name from a specific node in a repeating section.

    currentUser = XDocument.DOM.SelectSingleNode("/my:myFields/my:secUtilityValues/my:txtCurrentUser").text
    Monday, May 23, 2011 12:51 PM