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  • Hi.,
    (Note:I know all are saw my previous post .. still i didnt found  for that ,so thats why i query with brief exp with programs)

    In My files i declare the array like this ....If I give the scan code with the help of PFN_KEYBD_EVENT it will show the corresponding characters & numbers,But if i give special characters Directly in array ,it doesnt show anything on display .....

    For eg.,
                      If I press first key (no 1 key in my keypad) it give scan code is 1A means it will print the number 1 (which is VK_NUMPAD1 in the below array definition)  through the help of PFN_KEYBD_EVENT....

    #if 1
    #define    ScanCodeTableFirst    0x00
    #define    ScanCodeTableLast    0x55

    UINT8 ScanCodeToVKeyTable[] =
    VK_F11,          //scan code 0
    VK_F12,          //scan code 1
    VK_SPACE,        //scan code 2
    VK_MENU,         //scan code 4
    VK_LEFT,        //scan code 6
    VK_BACK,        //scan code 7
    VK_SHIFT,       //scan code 8
    VK_CONTROL,     //scan code 9
    0,              //scan code A
    VK_RIGHT,       //scan code C  
    VK_NUMPAD3,     //scan code E
    VK_NUMPAD6,     //scan code F 
    VK_NUMPAD9,     //scan code 10
    VK_RETURN,      //scan code 11
    VK_DOWN,        //scan code 12 
    VK_ESCAPE,      //scan code 13
    VK_NUMPAD2,     //scan code 14
    VK_NUMPAD5,     //scan code 15
    VK_NUMPAD8,     //scan code 16
    VK_NUMPAD0,     //scan code 17
    VK_UP,          //scan code 18 
    VK_CAPITAL,     //scan code 19
    VK_NUMPAD1,     //scan code 1A
    VK_NUMPAD4,     //scan code 1B
    VK_NUMPAD7,     //scan code 1C
    VK_PERIOD,       //scan code 1D  
    VK_COMMA, //1F
    VK_PERIOD,       //scan code 1D  
    '3' ,
      '4' ,
    'H', //0X1F

    In my keypad (Numbers,Capital Letter,Small Letter) are printed but it doest print special characters...If i give directly in above array  currency symbol '€' /  '0128 ' both r doesnt work ...I need to know how to pass the special characters in my above array---'£',%,:,#,$...
    I failed when pass a directly & hexa value & VK_MENU + '0128' also.... 
    Tuesday, August 10, 2010 6:14 AM

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  • You didn't tell us what your code is doing.  You have described a complex problem with vague terms like "pass" which have no meaning.

    As Paul pointed out in one of your many threads on this exact same topic, you will use the character code for the character in your output display and you must have a font selected that has the cooresponding character.

    What you must do is debug your application to find out what it does when your "special characters" are selected from the keypad.  Your description of the problem indicates that you have not done that.

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    Tuesday, August 10, 2010 12:24 PM