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  • I have currently integreated Bing Maps in my asp based website, but I am rewriting this on asp .net C#

    I cant seem to find a bing maps control anywhere ? does one exist ?

    I'm really struggling to understand how I can get it working with aspx, can anyone show my an example

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  • There is no official ASP .NET C# control for Bing Maps from Microsoft. However there are 3rd party controls available. Take a look at this open source control: http://bingmapsasp.codeplex.com/


    This may also be of interest: https://simplovation.com/page/webmapsve.aspx

    If you are interested in using MVC then I'd suggest looking at this project: http://ajaxmapdataconnector.codeplex.com/

    Note that most of the above are built on Bing Maps v6.3. This is an outdated version of Bing Maps and you should only do new developments using Bing Maps V7. Also, The Bing Maps V7 control is built using HTML5. It is an excellent control and has a lot more features than our older controls. You can easily use JavaScript to develop against it. Also note that if you want the best user experience you should load your data into your project using AJAX rather than reloading the page for each search. This significantly improves performance and and user experience. It also significantly reduces the number of transactions created against the Bing Maps control.


    Monday, June 25, 2012 12:07 PM