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    Hoping you can help out, as this problem has been troubling our team now since Christmas.  A brief background first:


    I wrote a MS Project Add-in, which included 2 forms, 2 modules and 2 classes.


    To share this with the rest of the team I copied these 6 items from my Global.mpt to a specific MS Project file, for arguments sake call it template.mpt.


    Now in theory all the rest of the team should do is download this file and copy the 6 items from the local file to their global.mpt and then everything should work fine.


    But that would be too easy wouldn’t it?


    I used the organiser and here are my findings:

    • The Forms copy over fine!
    • The Modules copy over fine!
    • However when it comes to copying over the classes they get a error "Permission Denied"

    Please help!

    Wednesday, January 23, 2008 2:04 PM

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