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  • Can the following be done in SSRS? if so how can we achieve it.

    - User locale preferences (setting date/time format etc. by the user themselves or by admins). Right now the reports have inconsistent date/time formats across. To fix this we would like the format to be standardized across reports. If there is a user locale pref, then the user can change from default to what he wants

    - Have a drop down that will have the different date column names in a report and next to it a start/end date picker. Currently all reports have an option to filter on only one date column in a report. With this change, the user will have the flexibility to filter on ANY date columns in a report

    - How does SSRS handle text values for a report cell if it has more characters (for eg say 250 chars). Is it the general wrap around to fit column width or is there a better way to do this? This is needed for all those non-data grid reports as most of them have just free flowing text in them

    - What are the different report layout formats in SSRS? Can we find it somewhere.. (Like a regular Grid, Summary with subtotals/sections, cross tabs etc).

    Thursday, June 10, 2010 9:20 AM