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  • hi all,

    what is the use of ms dtc in ms sql clustering...?

    Friday, May 17, 2013 7:27 AM


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  • Hi,

    The Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator service (MSDTC) tracks all parts of the transactions process, even over multiple resource managers on multiple computers. This helps ensure that the transaction is committed, if every part of the transaction succeeds, or is rolled back, if any part of the transaction process fails.

    For more information please follow below links.


    For Windows Failover Cluster


    Before installing SQL Server on a failover cluster, determine whether the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC) cluster resource must be created. If you are installing only the Database Engine, the MSDTC cluster resource is not required. If you are installing the Database Engine and SSIS, Workstation Components, or if you will use distributed transactions, you must install MSDTC. Note that MSDTC is not required for Analysis Services-only instances.

    On Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2, you can install multiple instances of MSDTC on a single failover cluster. The first instance of MSDTC that is installed will be the cluster default instance of MSDTC. SQL Server will take advantage of an instance of MSDTC installed to the SQL Server local cluster resource group by automatically using the instance of MSDTC. However, individual applications can be mapped to any instance of MSDTC on the cluster.

    The following rules are applied for an instance of MSDTC to be chosen by SQL Server:

    • Use MSDTC installed to the local group, else

    • Use the mapped instance of MSDTC, else

    • Use the cluster's default instance of MSDTC, else

    • Use the local machine’s installed instance of MSDTC

    Important note Important

    If the MSDTC instance that is installed to the local cluster group of SQL Server fails, SQL Server does not automatically attempt to use the default cluster instance or the local machine instance of MSDTC. You would need to completely remove the failed instance of MSDTC from the SQL Server group to use another instance of MSDTC. Likewise, if you create a mapping for SQL Server and the mapped instance of MSDTC fails, your distributed transactions will also fail. If you want SQL Server to use a different instance of MSDTC, you must either add an instance of MSDTC to the local cluster group of the SQL Server or delete the mapping.

    Configure Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator

    After you install the operating system and configure your cluster, you must configure MSDTC to work in a cluster by using the Cluster Administrator. Failure to cluster MSDTC will not block SQL Server Setup, but SQL Server application functionality may be affected if MSDTC is not properly configured.

    More information follow below link




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  • Hello!

    In simple words, this a service used when some transaction involve resources that are located in different servers.


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