Subscriber Downloads site broken under IE8? RRS feed

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  • I installed Windows Server 2008 then installed IE8 B1, when accessing the MSDN downloads site IE goes nuts.  It opens multiple blank pages, pops up error messages with really long URL's, and also appears to navigate to aboutStick out tonguerotectedmodeoff, disabling protected mode.   Sometimes this will result in one of the pages finally making it to the subscriber downloads page, but often times it just sits in a loop opening new blank pages over and over until i close all the windows.


    I uninstalled IE8 and it does the same thing, but i'm assuming that this is some residual effect of the installation or I would assume others would be complaining about ie7 doing the same thing.


    Sunday, March 30, 2008 5:07 PM


  • Eman:


    The Subscriptions Team also noticed similar problems when attempting to access the site using the Beta of IE8. I believe they have logged bugs with the IE team, but clearly the site does not function on IE 8 at this time. This may apply to other MSDN and TechNet sites as well besides beyond Subscriptions - I am not sure.


    The Subscriptions site is fully functional and fully tested against IE7, IE6, and Firefox. I believe you are right that you may be experiencing some residual effects. Someone on the team noted that you can run IE8 in "IE7 emulation mode". I don't have any first hand knowledge of this, but it might be worth a try.


    I am not aware of any interaction problems between Windows Server 2008 and Subscriber Downloads.

    Monday, March 31, 2008 3:38 AM