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    I have a Windows Server 2012 R2 server with Access 2007 installed.

    I would like to install a Access database on the Remote Desktop Connection Broker.

    I went to "" for a connection string but there were none for a Remote Desktop Connection Broker.

    I know this is allot but does anyone know where to find such a connection string or if Access is incompatible with Remote Desktop Connection Broker.
    Monday, September 14, 2015 9:24 PM


  • I think your terminology is miss placed here.

    The remote desktop system and the connections you setup have little if anything to do with MS-access.

    You not mentioned if Access is running on the remote system (the terminal server) or on your local machine.

    If access is running on the remote terminal server, then you not required to have a local copy of access and ANY CONTEXT in regards to remote desktop connection broker has ZERO and NOTHING to do with access in any context I can think of.

    So you not find any connection sting examples for Access since there is no context in which Access applies to your question. Access has little if anything at all to do with terminal services, no more so then say running word on the remote terminal server.

    As a result remote desktop connection stings and setup have zero to do with access.

    Remote desktop connection strings have nothing to do with access.

    As a result you not find anything in the context of your question.

    You might want to expand on your question, but in the current context it makes no sense in regards to Access.

    And not to split hairs, but you don’t connect to Access anymore then you connect to power-point or any other office problems. These are not server based products, but only file based. So you open a excel file, you open a word file, and yes you open a MS access file. So the term “connection” here is the wrong context.

    While you can specify an ODBC connection string to MS-access file if you LOOK close at the connection string, it is ALWAYS a standard windows file path name. So you “open” the file. If you are wishing to open a MS-access file by running access on your local computer and the data file resides on the terminal server, then you need standard windows file mapping and path names.

    So any resolution to an Access file name will ALWAYS be a full standard windows file name – you don’t connect to an Access file, you OPEN the file.

    In the case of terminal services, you simply install Access like word or any other product you plan to run on that server. There is no additional work or connection strings required when using Access in this context – Access will work he same way as word or Excel on that terminal server.

    About the “only” change is that each user “instance” on the terminal server should have their own folders (they likely will) and a separate Access front end should be proive3d for each user.

    All of the multiple user’s front ends in above will thus be linked to a back end that also resides on a shared folder on the terminal server.

    So do expand on your question. But since Access (or word) or whatever is being installed on the terminal server, then you don’t need Access to be installed on the client computer(s) that connect to the terminal server – in fact the clients can be Apple macs, iPads or any computer that supports remote desktop, but does not support Access.

    Albert D. Kallal (Access MVP)
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada

    Tuesday, September 15, 2015 1:42 AM