How to expose a custom method with OData RRS feed

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  • I need to expose custom methods (not directly related to the database model) within my OData service.



            public static void InitializeService(DataServiceConfiguration config)
                // TODO: set rules to indicate which entity sets and service operations are visible, updatable, etc.
                // Examples:
                config.SetEntitySetAccessRule("*", EntitySetRights.All);
                config.SetServiceOperationAccessRule("*", ServiceOperationRights.All);
                config.DataServiceBehavior.MaxProtocolVersion = DataServiceProtocolVersion.V2;

            public bool GetUpdatePrivilege(string table, Guid entityKey)
                bool RetVal = false;
                // do some work here...
                return RetVal;

    The problem is I can never "see" this method, nor call it (I get a "resource not found" error).


    How can I accomplish this?


    Many Thanks!

    Michael A Strasser
    Tuesday, January 10, 2012 5:47 PM


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