Wince 6.5 Omap3430 stress issue RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    We are in the process of debugging an issues on OMAP3430 based Windows handheld device with OS version 6.5.

    Background of issue

    This is a long run stress issue, which put device into suspend/ Resume for about 1200 cycles.

    OS :- Win 6.5

    Chipset :- Omap3430

     This stress issue where the device hangs during ASR stress testing on CK3 devices. As per our observation there are 3 different issues in this stress test.

    1. Hang on black screen
    2. Hang on white screen
    3. Device.exe crash

    Here basically we are targeting to fix the issue where the devices hangs, showing blank screen, while resuming. When this issue happens we need to reset the device.

    We have seen that after this issue happens, there are some crash dumps available on the device. Which are basically pointing to different dll’s like cxport.dll, ndis.dll, tcpstk.dll etc. And most of the times the Program Counter is zero.

    We have also enabled the RBLogger (provided by Microsoft) in our retail build, but we see that the crash happens at random points.

    Since we get some random crashes on every iteration  we are not sure of which one to target to find the root cause.

    Can you provide  your suggestions/ pointers from your prior experience to analyze  and finding the root cause of this stress issue.



    Monday, August 5, 2013 9:51 AM