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    I need help with some vba code in excel 2007. I tried to describe as detailed as possible, below. I dont see any options to attach a xl-doc here otherwise I could upload it:

    Many thanks for the help!!!

    Description of tabs and column-etiquettes

    Tab Counterparties




    Contains a list of all counterparties!!!


    Rows  1-16 to be used in each created tab!!!




    STEP 1

    I got a xl-file with several tabs. One tab called counterparties. Column A,  with header in cell A1 called "counterpartyname1"

    contains counterparty names. These names should be used to create new tabs named after the data in cell A2 and down to the last value.

    Column B has the header "counterpartyname2" in cell b1.

    It contains names to be used for lookup data in the tab "data" (see step3.) Names to lookup/match are in column F in the tab "DATA". 


    Next tab called "template" contains template-data in  row 1-16. These rows should be inserted in every tab created (as step2 after creation of the tabs).

    Column C  in counterparties tab contain emailadresses from c2 and down. These adresses should be inserted in the created tabs in cell M11. The email adress is on the same row as the Counterpartyname1  used for naming the created tabs!

    STEP 3

    Next tab called "DATA" contains data in column A-F. Lookup of data is based on the column  F named "CounterPartyEmittentID " in cell F1.  These values should be matched against values in tab counterparties, column B. For each value f2  and down the vba code  search in tab  counterparties in column B and inserts the data found in tab DATA in the created tab created in step1. This data is placed on row 17 and down. A sum is then created  based on the data inserted.  The sum should be calculated  based on data in column B18. One sum for values that start with 81, one for 82, one 83 and one for 84. Sum is made of the  values column  E.


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