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  • Hi,

    I'm looking for Clipboard operation (Cut/Copy/Paste) operation on a complex datastructure.

    Requirement goes something like this:

    1. operation need to be supported on DataGridView selection [internally each row stored as an object AType]
    2. operation need to be supported on Treeview selected node[internally each node stored as an object BType]
    3. mechanism to detect which object is under clipboard operation focus(need to distingusih above 2 different objects)
    4. Need to convert AType,BType  objects into serializable object to support the Cut/Copy/Paste.  These objects are of complex type and inturn holds the reference to other objects. I need to support [Serializable] attribute for AType,BType (and its all members also) to use Clipboard class. Is there any workaround avaiable. 

    Pls any links/reference for similar kind of design/implementation ??

    !!! Thanks. !!!

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