c# Exchange Service CalendarEvent object convert to appointment RRS feed

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    I am connected the Exchange Server by Exchange Server Managed API. I m getting all rooms and calendar event but calendar event can not give me a detail information. I guess i must convert calendar event object to appointment object. is it possible? How can I do it?
    Please help me..
    foreach (CalendarEvent calendarEvent in attendeeAvailability.CalendarEvents)
                    Event newevent = new Event
                        StartDate = calendarEvent.StartTime,
                        EndDate = calendarEvent.EndTime,
                        Subject = calendarEvent.Details == null ? @"N\A" : calendarEvent.Details.Subject,
                        ID = calendarEvent.Details == null ? @"N\A" : calendarEvent.Details.StoreId,
    Saturday, December 29, 2018 2:33 AM


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