Is it possible to have a Windows Phone HTML5 App look like a native Windows Phone App?


  • Hello,

    I just started developing on Windows Phone 8 platform, and decided to try the HTML5 apps as that is what I know.

    For that, in Visual Studio I select a Windows Phone HTML5 App project and, without adding any of my code, I deployed it into a device. The result: users (me) can zoom in/out and scroll horizontally/vertically. Surprised, I tested different apps on the phone and even deployed an empty native Windows Phone app to see that they do not have that behavior.

    Following instructions online, I was able to tweak the HTML/CSS and remove the zoom effect. But I didn't find any solution for the scrolling/swiping for WP8 (some incredibly over-complicated ones for WP7, but not much for Windows Phone 8)

    Is it possible to make an HTML5 app look like a native app? or is the scrolling/swiping going to be there always in the phone:WebBrowser? I guess I'm doing things wrong and the solution must be something really easy (as I said, I'm just starting)

    Thanks for reading... and hopefully for an answer :)

    Thursday, August 29, 2013 3:08 AM

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