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  • Can I change the ugly black color of Expression Web to regular colors.

    I used Front Page extensively, and also adopted the first version of Expression Web. When things turned black in Expression Web 3, I could not handle the colors, so I stopped using it. I hoped Expression Web 4 would fix the colors. 

    So, I finally downloaded Microsoft Designer 2007 for free. This is almost identical to the first version of Expression Web with normal colors.

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  • You had the option in EW3 (if you had the patience to wait for the SP that enabled it) that you have in EW4: in  your Tools -> Application settings, switch to your Windows colors.  You are not alone in disliking the "Expression Goth" theme.

    I'll point out that since all versions of EW offered generous length free trials, and EW4 was free for most users of EW3, it would be your own failing if you purchased it and only then discovered you couldn't use it.  :)
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  • Sure. Use your Windows color settings in the Application Options.

    For future reference, this is a user-to-user forum; we're all volunteers who come in here to help, to learn, and to take a break, and being a whiny little buzzkill gets you no place with us. We. Don't. Care.

    You think it's Microsoft's problem that you don't like the black interface. I use it all the time, and find the Windows colors insipid. It may be your monitor settings.

    You didn't look in the most logical place Application Options, which is where such a setting would normally be in any program.

    But even worse, you blame Microsoft for your having to buy the program twice, when EW4 is a FREE upgrade from EW3 retail versions and your "problem" was fixed in EW3 anyway, well over two years ago.

    You didn't even try the free 60-day trial to see if you'd like it!

    If you expect the worst, you'll get the worst, and much of it will be of your own making. You screwed yourself, dude, and that's not Microsoft's fault.

    Got questions about EW? Great. Read the Forum FAQ - Start Here. Then follow the guidelines and c'mon back and post your question. But no whining. Deal?

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  • Maybe you're right about the purpose of the forum (bullying aside). The URL fooled me.

    I'm aware of the Application options, but it's an inadequate cheap fix. Microsoft did a great job with Office 2007 -- they allowed the user to select the color of the interface. It would be nice if that choice would carry over to Expression Web.

    Not trying to assign blame -- just trying to push the application to improve in the future. I was hoping a fix would be in place by now..  but I'll keep waiting. I can keep using Adobe and SP Designer until then. But maybe you're right.. maybe I used the wrong forum.

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  • There nothing to "fix" because it isn't broken.

    You may not like the two options and you can request a UI change in the appropriate venue (which isn't here).

    As mentioned, though an occasional MS employee comes in, this is a user to user forum. EW users trying to help other EW users in the use of EW. Nothing else. It is hosted by MS. But as far as help goes, generally it is all users.

    Take care, Mike

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  • "they allowed the user to select the color of the interface. It would be nice if that choice would carry over to Expression Web."

    EW isn't part of Office, and uses WPF, not Office code, for presentation.  It wouldn't be a matter of "carrying it over", it would be a matter of "writing it".

    Mind you, it'd be a nice feature, but it would be nowhere near the top of my list of wants for EW.  My Windows colors look just fine in EW on both my machines, and I've never tweaked the Office colors from their defaults, either.  :)

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  • Interesting. Removed most of the whining and blaming from the original post and changed your user name.

    Word 2007 gives you 3 color choices, black, silver, blue. EW gives you 2 color choices, black and any other color in the rainbow.

    Expression programs are probably the only ones on your system using WPF for display, so there is no correlation between what they can do and what Office can do.

    I was very serious about calibrating your monitor. Alternatively, if you have a Samsung monitor, you could use Magicolor and set it to Intelligent mode. But my guess is that the gamma is set improperly on your monitor. I have one monitor at the office (a 17" Dell LCD) that is impossible to get looking right. But it's the second of a 2-monitor system, so it's not as important as my larger main monitor.

    Myself, I never notice the interface. After the initial complaints in here about the goth-black EW3, I never thought about it again. Most programs I use don't give you any choice at all. It's certainly not something that would keep me from using a program that let me get my work done easily.

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    What do we want?!
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  • Bill, for me, the Goth iterface literally makes my eyes ache after a very small amount of time.  Two different monitors, both calibrated.  It's the black/gray, not a lack of calibration, that affects me.  It also is depressing to me, which is not a good start for working.

    I want happy colors on my computer.  :)

    Friday, July 6, 2012 9:08 PM
  • Yeah, I used to dislike the high contrast, and I remember a discussion here with Paul Bartholomew about the fact that, unlike the other Expression programs, the workspace of EW was always white and the black was very high contrast, which could explain why some people didn't like it in EW but weren't complaining in the other Expression forums. I was using a different monitor at the time and I was on the fence. But with the monitor I have now, I like the black interface.

    On the other hand...Almost all of my work is done staring at a white screen--EW, Word, Excel, e-mail, database, web research, etc. So I have my monitor adjusted accordingly--neutral white balance, brightness, gamma and contrast set for that kind of work. All the programs seem equally comfortable to me. I can always switch to another preset if I need to, but I never do.

    A call to action:
    What do we want?!
    Time travel!
    When do we want it?!
    That's irrelevant!

    Friday, July 6, 2012 10:05 PM
  • Thanks for the feedback.

    This was my first experience with the forum. I have different purposes in mind than what I originally posted, so the new name better suits my needs (instruction/help). Still don't like the black or system color option, but maybe I can work around it.

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