No audio on BT loudpseaker JBL "Onbeat Awake" with Nokia Lumia 735 RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I'm not sure to post on the right section but I'd like to report a bug on Windows Phone 8.1.  My Lumia 735 just doesn't work with my BT A2DP speaker JBL "Onbeat awake". Everything is configured OK on the phone : BT coupled with speaker (says music -connected)  - BT volume OK (20/30) - no airplane mode - latest software upodates for Windows Phone 8.1 - This BT speaker is working with many different device including Lumia 800, Asus Zenphone (Android) or iPhone.

    I'm just starting mlusic, the progress bar is playing but no audio. System menu "audio egalisation" is greyed and says that the BT speaker is not compatible.

    Not compatible ... why should a brand new phone not be compatible with an A2DP speaker ???????? Do you need to buy a Nokia Lumia BT speaker compatible ????  I think it is a bug of the Lumia so I'd like to report it or fill it somewhere. It is a poor poor very poor support for A2DP, I can imagine that I'm not the only user to who this is happening. :-( :-(

    Can someone please help me on that BIG BIG issue



    Sunday, December 6, 2015 5:59 PM