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  • I'm investigating a potential feature for V8 and am in the research phase. This feature is the ability to animate tile layers smoothly. This is often used in weather apps, but is also a great way to animating big data sets. If you try to animate tile layers by simply adding/removing them or setting visibility you will likely notice that they appear to flash when transitioning. This happens in most mapping platforms as it takes time to load the tiles. To address this we are looking at potentially exposing a tool to better handle this by preloading tiles. However, before we go too far, we need feedback and insights into why you want to animate tile layers and/or how you think would be best to expose such a tool that does this. There are a few ways we could do this, but ultimately I would rather build something that is inline with developer expectations and/or requirements than simply creating something that we think solves this issue.

    If you are interested in this feature and have some feedback or are willing to discuss this further, please either respond to this post or email me at richbrun at microsoft.com.

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    Monday, July 25, 2016 10:32 PM