ssrs print-preview issue - no problem in Visual Studio 2008 or in exporting to pdf


  • In Visual Studio 2008, report preview works fine. I am using BLOB data from database and converting it into words to view the actual report data in report file. There we can see proper spaces between texts and numbers like they are put in a table within columns and rows.

    But when I run the same report file in SSRS, text format is totally changed in preview. There is no space between texts and numbers( like no proper space between columns). It simply looks like lines of sentences instead of rows of data with proper vertical alignment. 

    I also tried to change the resolution of screen to 1024x768 but it didn't work for me ( I came to try this after going through some similar discussions posted here).

    But if I export the same in a PDF format in SSRS, It looks fine in PDF file. Data is there with proper vertical alignment and spaces.

    So, If there is any solution for this issue please share with me.

    Tuesday, July 02, 2013 7:20 PM