potential civil and criminal liability


  • On first hours of new OS, use, the message in lower right of screen:

    Windows Developer Preview
    Evaluation Copy. Build 8102.....

    Had 5 more lines of text added above:
                                Microsoft Confidential
    Unauthorized use or disclosure....

    and potential civil and criminal liability.

    I wonder if this is common to all or is due to something I did? I did change RPEnabled from "1" to "0" to get normal start menu
    as mentioned  in this forum.

    It does mar the view of desktop background. Never seen this in other preview/beta releases.


    Thursday, September 15, 2011 3:40 PM

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  • No lol, the message is just there as a warning. Also, note that it states that Employees! can get fired.
    The people at Microsoft actually had windows8 for quite a bit, but they can't leak it ofcourse, so it's also a warning to them.

    Don't you worry about it.


    Dylan Meeus

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