windows 8 is not loading


  • Hello

    everything was working fine when the last time I used my windows but 2 days back as I satrted my windows 8 but after the main loading screen it took more time than usual to load and then a blue screen displaying "your pc ran into a problem and needs to restart" I tried again and again but the results were unchanged then I tried to opertae it in safe mode but on my laptop safe mode did'nt appear even all the methods used to call safe mode then i downloaded windows recovery disk iso file through bootable usb i loaded it, all the options in my case became useless refresh your pc reset your pc repair your pc all just at first loaded then the main screen of the title menu the laptop was, nothing happened, in resetting you pc it says insert your windows 8 and the biggest problem of my laptop is the absence of dvd drive so i am used to do windows through usb.

    in command prompt i wrote "chkdsk c:" and it shows me only "1 GB" of disk space of drive C while originall it was "100GB" other drives were fine when i also checked them.

    is there a problem with my hard disk drive or with just windows if i do a fresh version of windows will it work?? (through iso image bootable usb)

    please HELP?????

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