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  • Hello,

    i need to retrieve sender and receiver for each edifact message.

    My workflow is EDIFACT message in-->translated with a BizTalk schema for EDIFACT and transform in another custom schema in which i must set the sender end receiver information.

    I'm a newbie in BizTalk , i have a configuration in the BizTalk runtime in which an EDIFACT message i corrected transformed in my custom schema , but i don't kwnow where i can retrieve che two information above, for now i set these fields to static "SENDER" and "RECEIVER".


    Where i can retrive these field?I need to promote these two field in the EDIFACT schema but when i can set the fields in my custom schema?

    I Need to write custom code?An orchestration?A Pipeline?

    I read some articles and i see the sample "MessageEnrichment" this is the correct way to do this thing?Or there are other(simpler) ways?

    In my organization we start to migrate from another product to BizTalk for the EDIFACT scenario and we have hundreds of maps to migrate.

    In case of a custom solution the performances are a must, in some case we have thousands messages in half an hour to translate.

    Thank you in advance!!




    Tuesday, August 10, 2010 9:55 AM


  • Hi,

    See MSDN

    Extracting Individual Fields from the Segment Context Properties

    Some properties are not written or promoted to the context by the EDI receive pipelines as individual properties, but only as part of a segment string. This is done for performance reasons, because property promotion has an impact on performance. For example, the ISA5, ISA6, ISA7, ISA8, and ISA15 fields of the ISA segment are promoted by the receive pipelines as individual properties, but the rest of the ISA fields are only written to the context as part of the ISA_Segment property. These properties are written or promoted only when ReuseEnvelope is not set to True, indicating that a received batched interchange is not being preserved.

    If you need an individual field of one of the segments (ISA, GS, UNB, UNG, or UNA) to be written to the message context, but this individual field is not written to the context by default, you will need to write a custom component to write it to the context. This custom component needs to parse the segment fields and write an individual field to the message context.



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