[E2010] [EWSMA] [C#]: Extended Property request of type Currency is not returned RRS feed

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  • Exchange Version: Exchange2010 SP1 14.1.355.2
    API Name: Exchange Web Services Managed API
    API Version:

    I am trying to retreive extended properties of a custom form using EWS. I have been successful with all the properties except for those whose PropertyType is Currency. I have successfully used String and DateTime.

    I have verified using OutlookSpy the Property Type as Currency/PT_CURRENCY and the Property Set as Public String/MNID_STRING of the property in question.

    I have also attempted to retreive the Extended Property using EWSEditor I was able to retrieve the other Extended Properties but not for those of type Currency. I also have verifed both in EWSEditor and through my application using Fiddler that the XML Request/Response has the Extended Property is in the request, but not in the response.

    Request Snippet

      <t:ExtendedFieldURI DistinguishedPropertySetId="PublicStrings" PropertyName="num" PropertyType="String" />
      <t:ExtendedFieldURI DistinguishedPropertySetId="PublicStrings" PropertyName="person" PropertyType="String" />
      <t:ExtendedFieldURI DistinguishedPropertySetId="PublicStrings" PropertyName="createdate" PropertyType="SystemTime" />
      <t:ExtendedFieldURI DistinguishedPropertySetId="PublicStrings" PropertyName="amount" PropertyType="Currency" />

    Response Snippet

    <t:ExtendedProperty><t:ExtendedFieldURI DistinguishedPropertySetId="PublicStrings" PropertyName="num" PropertyType="String"/>
    <t:ExtendedProperty><t:ExtendedFieldURI DistinguishedPropertySetId="PublicStrings" PropertyName="person" PropertyType="String"/>
    <t:ExtendedProperty><t:ExtendedFieldURI DistinguishedPropertySetId="PublicStrings" PropertyName="createdate" PropertyType="SystemTime"/>

    Is either the DistinguishedPropertySetId or PropertyType incorrect?

    I found an older similar, but unanswered question here .

    Monday, February 27, 2012 5:49 PM