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    I have a data with 4 columns:

    1. Relation with House Head: it contains values from 1-23, 96...where each of the number represent the relationship of the member with House Head, like 1 means spouse, 2 means daughter etc...96: House Head

    2. Sr No. serial number can have multiple lines ...each for each relation, and relation can also be duplicate

    For Ex.

    HH can have 2 daughters.....but data of both daughters will be under same serial because they are one family (ex. serial...101)

    3. Sex of the member 1: Male, 2: Female

    4. Age of the member


    What I need to do is

    1. Check if age of house hold (96) is less than other member with 1 as code (1 means spouse), if true then show error

    2. Check similarly for other members which include daughter, son (should not be greater than father, and age gap between father/mother and their son/daughter should not be less than 18), house heads father (should not have age less than househead and smilar like for age difference, not less than 18)


    These are somthing obvious bt I have data sheet which needs to check this logical errors

    Can any one help me with the MAcro for this?

    If yes, please tell, I have tried a logic but it is not working


    Thursday, July 14, 2011 12:37 PM

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