Map multiple received messages into one message to send RRS feed

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  • My orchestration will use a send-receive port to send to an application many requests of the same type (each for a different record), and the application will send back one response for each request.  I need to accumulate the response data, then map it to an internal (canonical) schema, then map that schema to one outgoing message.

    The final product is, in essence, a report where each detail line corresponds to the individual responses I will get from the application.  The final document needs to be packaged as a single message along with other data available within the orchestration.

    What I do not understand is how to accumulate the response messages so I can map to my internal schema exactly once.  I've seen examples (like the SDK aggregator sample) where a pipeline is used to package a multiple-message interchange, but I don't think this will work for me.  I need to turn the incoming responses into ONE XML multiple-child-record schema, then do lots of mapping of that data into my outgoing schema.

    Thanks for any hints even if they are "write a .NET class to do this for you.”

    -Mark Green
    Monday, February 8, 2010 8:37 PM


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