How to set firewall of Azure SQL database server to anonymous people in Korea so that people can access freely RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I've been asking in Korean Microsoft Forum but there's rarely answer when compared to U.S.

    My major is totally different from software but biochemistry and I've been developing a non-profit(public profit) windows desktop software which connects to Azure SQL database server.
    This means I'm absoultely lacking of knowledge on Server matters.

    I do know that if I open my Microsoft Azure SQL database server to anonymous many people, this will make the SQL server unsafe against hacking.
    However, as a first, I'd like to know how to set SQL database server as above mentioned and how to make extra ID than administrator and to set previleges to each extra ID specifically.
    I used MySQL and I know a way in MySQL but it's difficult to find some function to make extra ID on SQL server in Microsoft Azure.
    This first way doesn't have to let the anonymous people modify their own computers and network setting at their end. And allowing each IP address is not what I want because it's not convenient for users and server admistrator both.
    Prohibiting accesses from foreign countries might be part of the solution..

    Or, as better solution, as I'm a absolute beginner in Azure SQL database server as you're excellent experts in SQL database server,
    I'd highly appreciate your recommendations which above mentioned functionality but much more safe.

    My public profit software is almost completed but this server matter is not what I can manage in days...

    My inbound rule of firewall security are,

    Source- All, CIDR block, Tag
    Protocol- All, TCP, UDP
    Original port range
    Target address- All, CIDR block, Tag
    Target port range

    I cordially respect your excellence and positiveness to help anonymous

    Thank you so much

    Truthfully yours,

    Thursday, January 21, 2016 4:55 AM

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